How to report a player with really aggressive behaviour in post game chat?

Just had a game as Bard and as you all know, Bard roams. I may have been a bit behind since we got our asses kicked botlane. (Their Leona kinda managed to ignore my stuns by using her E at the right time .... meaning she spent the time that she was actually unable to act with flying at my adc. not ideal) Anyway. I tried to roam a bit (cuz Bard, and we all know, thats basically all Bard does.) ganked midlane with a Journey, Threw a Stun and our Kayle seemingly shocked just ulted me and ran away, flaming me afterwards and for the rest of the game that I would have ruined her lane (No, i was full life when I ganked. 100%, not a single HP missing.) Anyway, the crying continued but as with most flamers they know exactly what they get punished for and what not. So she apparently held back a bit. So after we lost (and we also all know that flaming usually gets yourself a nasty red popup at the end of the game with a crushing voice stating the all too obvious truth, so that was to be expected) she apparently did not need to hold back anymore. Anyway, the game was over and that guy really went for it in post game chat. Calling me an **animal **(since when is that being used as an insult? I must have missed that. I like furries ._.) and **to kill myself**. Reporting him probably wont do much good since he was just your usual crybaby ingame and we have a guy like that in almost every game anyway. I did report him of course but I don't expect any result. So now that there is no report player function in the Support area anymore I have no idea how to report someone for toxic behavious in post game chat. I screened it ofc but since that would fall under "name and shame" I am probably not allowed to post it here. Any ideas? Regards Thornleif
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