Diamond Elo is a pile of shit

I thought that the more you would climb the more people would tryhard and that was fine for me but in the diamond every person is diamond is a fucking douchebag. Junglers that afk farm , Junglers that do shit calls, Junglers that ganks bot and give a triple kill to adc. Mid laners that gets 3 kills ahead and then lose 1 v 1 , Mid laners that gets camped and doesn't even have a pink on the map,Mid laners that don't know what to do after laning phase and are completely pointless. Top laners that stays afk farm and don't use their tp on bot once,Top laners that push and blame the junglers because they're getting camped,Top laners that freeze whole game while their top laner roams. Bot laners that don't even know how to rotate and stays afk farm for 30 minutes just to have 170 cs,Supports that roams and the adc begins to push so he ends up dying. Team mates who blames you for saying that you lost 1 v 1 when you're getting counterpicked, people that goes afk after flaming,people that keep spamming open mid when he's the only one doing badly . I can't take this anymore You can't reason with players like this I tried it's impossible I want a tribunal not a fucking automatic system that detect only a bunch of words is this shit happening in high elo even supposed to be happening?
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