The joke this game has become

Why are bans and reports so widely handed out for talking in a game whose mute button takes less than half a second to click? Its genuinely mind-blowing that you hand out 2 week bans to me like they are confetti when im the one (playing as a jungler) who gets constantly berated by all 4 teammates most games no matter how well i play. I just got banned for 3 apparently abusive games (do me a favour) within which i didnt swear or name call once. Not a single time. But because i type stuff like "stop overextending youve been caught out 5 times already" or "mid where were you you had 20 seconds to react" or "stop pinging me ill come top when i can" apparently i am too harsh for this snowflake community? REALLY? When did everyone become so god damn sensitive? Especially online. Even trash talk should be allowed but i know for a fact people get insta banned for even typing "gg easy" sarcastically after a 45 minute close encounter... Apparently to play as a Jungler you either have to mute all 4 teammates every single game, or have a void where your personality is meant to be so the mindless taunting and flame you will certainly get wont even slightly irritate you. Its a complete joke. People can go 0-12 and spam surrenders all game with impunity but people like me who play and love the game and NEVER INT or AFK or even %%%%ing flame gets banned. Beyond belief. Get rid of bans for anything other than inting and afking. I dont ruin anyones game.
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