Please be honest, is this really deserving of a 14 day suspension of my account?

Obviously a lot of people come here crying over the ban they just got I don't want to be one of them but I would really appreciate it if you guys could look at this. I'm a Teemo main and throughout my games I'm insulted and raged upon pretty much every game. If I don't win lane immediately i'm called, useless, troll, reported, told to die etc. So keep in mind that these chat logs are actually peppered with insults towards me inbetween my chat. Lastly, I am not saying I shouldn't get chat banned, i'm saying that Riot is saying that I get a 14 day ban for these chat logs which I think is pretty over the top. The first chat log is probably the worst and was a one off for me but that is the worst i get, I don't see how this warrants a 14 day suspension. Remember, you can only see what I said, i'm being insulted and pinged to DEATH in some of these for things I have no control over. Such as spawning from the base and being insulted and pinged for not being in a TF in THEIR jungle. **Game 1- I flamed in this game, but was harassed with pings and insulted for things i couldn't help Jaffycake: oops** **Game 2 - Our GP D/C and I defended him because everyone wanted to report him but it was not his fault his ISP went down** **Game 3 Jinx was insulting everyone constantly, nothing really much else to say** Jaffycake: they taske blue i tink Jaffycake: no team to backup and def it seems Jaffycake: wow this guy Jaffycake: lcs Jaffycake: never thought of that Jaffycake: pinging me while im being ulted by malz is jsut obnoxious and annoying Jaffycake: dude omg Jaffycake: thsi j4 is shit Jaffycake: ur useless Jaffycake: i dont wana flame but this j4 doesnt know how to be a teamplayer Jaffycake: and does retarded stuff Jaffycake: rofl Jaffycake: i just died after takign a tower Jaffycake: i hadnt even got out fo base Jaffycake: so dont ping Jaffycake: you moron Jaffycake: fs Jaffycake: stop pinging and makign my type you retards Jaffycake: me* Jaffycake: dude just stfu with the pings and typing to me PLEASE Jaffycake: you absolute moron Jaffycake: i dont usual flame tbh Jaffycake: but the pinging and the sillyness Jaffycake: and calling me useless Jaffycake: grrr Jaffycake: guy needs a raincheck Jaffycake: malph was psuhed the entire laning phase Jaffycake: i didnt even die to him Jaffycake: had malph super low hp Jaffycake: not a single gank Jaffycake: malz Jaffycake: then he calls me useless Jaffycake: then he pigns me while i blue as if ic oudl do anything Jaffycake: j4 just ulted amumu Jaffycake: after we died Jaffycake: he ulted amumu after we died and after amumu ulted Jaffycake: he didnt tho Jaffycake: because their dmg still killed more of us Jaffycake: well if he ults their dmg dealers like ez Jaffycake: we win Jaffycake: and if he ults BEFORE we die Jaffycake: we win Jaffycake: simple Jaffycake: DUE YOU ULTED AFTER WE DIED THATS WHY WE HAVE NO BURST IN TF Jaffycake: l2p Jaffycake: i dno y im raging so much lol dont usualy get like this Jaffycake: omg Jaffycake: the TEAMS BURST YOU RETARD Jaffycake: THE TEAM Jaffycake: ok Jaffycake: i will Jaffycake: nooo Jaffycake: biting ym tongue Jaffycake: vision mate Jaffycake: wards Jaffycake: no vision = dont go Jaffycake: wait for me Jaffycake: omg Jaffycake: you didnt wait Jaffycake: i was b and you engage? Jaffycake: j4 ylted to enagge?!?!?! Jaffycake: without me **Game 2 - Our GP D/C and I defended him because everyone wanted to report him but it was not his fault his ISP went down** Jaffycake: lee Jaffycake: lee come mid sometime Jaffycake: elisse here alot Jaffycake: yes because its lux Jaffycake: sigh Jaffycake: ok m8 Jaffycake: no worrie snt ur fault Jaffycake: read some guides tho Jaffycake: this ilisse Jaffycake: shes here all the time Jaffycake: grrr Jaffycake: lee u left me? Jaffycake: nice try camper fk Jaffycake: elisse going bot guys Jaffycake: gp premade? Jaffycake: damn whats the problem? Jaffycake: tell him to F4 the client then restart Jaffycake: too easy Jaffycake: the camp continues Jaffycake: that was fun Jaffycake: for wehat lol? Jaffycake: he didnt dc on prupose moron Jaffycake: rofl Jaffycake: reporting jinx Jaffycake: never surr Jaffycake: dont report GP obviously not his fault Jaffycake: they just being salty fuks Jaffycake: rofl how is it his fault? Jaffycake: you think that gp should get banned because his ISP is down? Jaffycake: his internet is messing up hes not trolling Jaffycake: not his fault Jaffycake: dude nasus will mess me up Jaffycake: no surr Jaffycake: report lee jinx for abuse Jaffycake: nope ur salty as fk **Game 3 Jinx was insulting everyone constantly, nothing really much else to say** Jaffycake: noooo Jaffycake: i really though id survive 1 more shot Jaffycake: omg Jaffycake: omgfg Jaffycake: turrets are my problelm Jaffycake: always with the turrwets Jaffycake: mundo can you camp mid a bit? Jaffycake: he was voer my tower for 5 mins like Jaffycake: wait till hes pushed Jaffycake: ty lol Jaffycake: im desparate for farm Jaffycake: can i? Jaffycake: best waveclear in game Jaffycake: not having a good game tbh Jaffycake: gj Jaffycake: we can win this come on Jaffycake: ill tyr my best not to die Jaffycake: come jinx Jaffycake: ill shroom gimmie blue Jaffycake: haha hahaha Jaffycake: worth Jaffycake: gj Jaffycake: stfu pls Jaffycake: going bot aFTER Jaffycake: HOW WOULD YOU STEAL 2V5? Jaffycake: truth Jaffycake: dude i dont want to die im underleveed Jaffycake: i need to farm Jaffycake: come Jaffycake: we're better at TF than them if we 5v5 i think Jaffycake: shut up jinx Jaffycake: that tf proved we're better Jaffycake: we can wina tf imo Jaffycake: nice gj Jaffycake: we can win i know it Jaffycake: yeh guys report her toxic Jaffycake: jinx raged form champ select btw Jaffycake: just a dirty teemo hater Jaffycake: i didnt say that lol Jaffycake: you lie girl Jaffycake: being a lier is bad Jaffycake: got away again >:( Jaffycake: not a tlroll m8 u just salty Jaffycake: stop being salty and play Jaffycake: wait for me Jaffycake: ye Jaffycake: gj Jaffycake: here fight her eins hrooms Jaffycake: fs Jaffycake: grtabbed so easily again
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