I'm done with this game

I just can't handle it anymore, I tried taking a full month break, got back into the game, and it was even worse, I couldn't believe it would ever happened, but it did. The meta is stupid, the community is toxic, and you might even say "Mute all and play for fun" well I can sorta get the mute all part, but let's be honest, unless you literally play to troll, there's no way to have fun when someone flames you or you either get smashed for playing something you like or play meta champions to have a chance. Bot lane now: fiddle/brand + any other mage, literally every ranked game I play. Overall, the main reason I quit this game is that you can't have fun with it anymore mostly because of the community, but also because of the gameplay, it sucks, you either one trick a champion, play meta or get smashed Stay cool
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