Riots Punishment system is godlike. (Feat. TF Blade.)

For people that don't know TF Blade. He is an NA streamer who has held rank one multiple times. A while ago he did a unranked to rank 1 stream in EUW that went well and he got rank 1. Now he wanted to do the same thing on the Turkey server. Once people found out they were playing with TF Blade they started inting, holding games hostage and he even came across people wintrading. Now TF Blade has written Riot support to get these players banned, but Riot didn't do anything. Now after being trolled for weeks in a row TF Blade snaps and calls someone %%%%%%ed. And he instantly gets 14-day banned. So this makes it very clear, just int, troll and wintrade as much as you like, just don't type in chat.
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