So this guys is at a new lvl of toxicity, Tyler1 is a joke against stuff like that

So I have played a game which we lost and there was that one guy heavily toxic wishing people to get c*ncer. I just said he should be careful what he says and I tried to convince him on changing his attitude. So he said something like "everyone gets what he deserves" and I disagreed with that. Later coming to speech about my younger sister which has actually gotten c*ancer and died 2 years after that with the age of 8. I asked him if she, an innocent little kid which has never done any harm, was always friendly and even never dared to lie, deserved something like that. His answer was simply "yes, I'm glad she died" I mean sorry but something like that simply isn't allowed to walk around freely, not ingame nor in real life tbh. In my opinion, behaviour like that is worse than any other toxic attitude in existing. I reported that guy and even wrote a ticket in addition, all I can do is wait until hopefully I receive a message that he got a punishment, but I actually doubt he will, and so a cruel individual like him can go on and do what he wants.
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