Perma ban and your opinion

Spiel 1 Im Spiel ImTheWorstRiven: DUDE ImTheWorstRiven: CAN U ZONE THIS %%%%ING NAMI FINALLY? ImTheWorstRiven: fck off lux ImTheWorstRiven: srsly ImTheWorstRiven: stop picking mages ImTheWorstRiven: if a fcking nami ImTheWorstRiven: can zone the %%%% out of u ImTheWorstRiven: u lil useless %%%%%%%%%%%% ImTheWorstRiven: afk ImTheWorstRiven: mbye ImTheWorstRiven: supp diff ImTheWorstRiven: gg wp ImTheWorstRiven: bot is open ImTheWorstRiven: from my site ImTheWorstRiven: idc ImTheWorstRiven: i dont play a legit 1vs2 bot ImTheWorstRiven: i do ImTheWorstRiven: because i go afk 1 time ImTheWorstRiven: i get a ban ImTheWorstRiven: ofc hahaha ImTheWorstRiven: hahhaa ImTheWorstRiven: ofc u do ImTheWorstRiven: ofc ImTheWorstRiven: u did ImTheWorstRiven: hahahaha ImTheWorstRiven: never read such a bullshit ImTheWorstRiven: i do ImTheWorstRiven: mate i do ImTheWorstRiven: i dont care tbh ImTheWorstRiven: i dont care =) ImTheWorstRiven: i ll win the next one ImTheWorstRiven: with n average supp ImTheWorstRiven: that has more then 15 iq ImTheWorstRiven: if a nami can force me out of my lane and can poke me down ImTheWorstRiven: while lux do nothing ImTheWorstRiven: she / he actually should stop playing supp ImTheWorstRiven: exspecially mages ImTheWorstRiven: ofc he is ImTheWorstRiven: u can know that ImTheWorstRiven: i mean ImTheWorstRiven: check my history ImTheWorstRiven: i bet im better than 3 ppl of u together ImTheWorstRiven: but ofc u can tell me that ImTheWorstRiven: u lil brained idiot ImTheWorstRiven: hahah noobs ImTheWorstRiven: haha i can life with a lose ImTheWorstRiven: if i check ur history ImTheWorstRiven: u need this win more than me ImTheWorstRiven: idk i learn english for 1 1/2 years now ImTheWorstRiven: i guess its better than ure trying to learn german in that time ImTheWorstRiven: yea ofc ImTheWorstRiven: coole geschichte ImTheWorstRiven: 200 games immer noch gold iv interessant ImTheWorstRiven: das du die fresse aufmachst ImTheWorstRiven: farm up ImTheWorstRiven: s ImTheWorstRiven: riven just cc her ImTheWorstRiven: twitch ImTheWorstRiven: ure full build pls ImTheWorstRiven: ga soon on jhin ImTheWorstRiven: clear it ImTheWorstRiven: with comb Spiel 2 Vor dem Spiel ImTheWorstRiven: ignoring frindly ppl ImTheWorstRiven: friendly ImTheWorstRiven: whatever Im Spiel ImTheWorstRiven: ok ImTheWorstRiven: not rlly i suck %%%%s ImTheWorstRiven: god wukong ImTheWorstRiven: u could jujst play ImTheWorstRiven: and shut the %%%% up ImTheWorstRiven: i didnt gave anyone a shutdown ImTheWorstRiven: cuz i never was one ImTheWorstRiven: so shut the actually %%%% up ImTheWorstRiven: ure annyoing as hell ImTheWorstRiven: %%%% off ImTheWorstRiven: ur damn passiv ImTheWorstRiven: Srsly ImTheWorstRiven: that so busted ImTheWorstRiven: morgana is just a better support than u brickass ImTheWorstRiven: stop pinging kid ImTheWorstRiven: or im afk ImTheWorstRiven: talking about "Nice dmg" and plays rengar ImTheWorstRiven: its like a fed adc ImTheWorstRiven: where is the problem? ImTheWorstRiven: 4 dragons ImTheWorstRiven: to ImTheWorstRiven: wait ImTheWorstRiven: 0 ImTheWorstRiven: cuz ImTheWorstRiven: we ImTheWorstRiven: NEVER DO ANYTHING ImTheWorstRiven: we'll lose this ImTheWorstRiven: bg Nach dem Spiel ImTheWorstRiven: better jungler wins ImTheWorstRiven: less talking more objectives in ur future games ImTheWorstRiven: and u will win this ImTheWorstRiven: np ImTheWorstRiven: idk how hard bot needs to win before u accept ImTheWorstRiven: that u have to do some dragons Spiel 3 Im Spiel ImTheWorstRiven: nah i stopped playing riven ImTheWorstRiven: pretty cool champ ImTheWorstRiven: but i suck at any other champ if i train riven 24/7 ImTheWorstRiven: HAHAHHAHAHAHA ImTheWorstRiven: 700 dmg ImTheWorstRiven: okay ImTheWorstRiven: 900 hp ImTheWorstRiven: thats pretty retaded ImTheWorstRiven: any explain how for me pls? ImTheWorstRiven: i dont get it ImTheWorstRiven: I DONT FUJCKING GET IT ImTheWorstRiven: getting pushed 24/7 nothing ACTUALLY NOTHING HAPPENS ImTheWorstRiven: i push 1 time ImTheWorstRiven: eve instant there ImTheWorstRiven: ofc why not ImTheWorstRiven: jhust %%%%ing ff ImTheWorstRiven: i feel the goddamn impact again ImTheWorstRiven: from my jungler ImTheWorstRiven: the impact to farm up ImTheWorstRiven: IS THAT SO HARD ImTheWorstRiven: u %%%%%%ED IDIOT ImTheWorstRiven: TO GO BACVK ImTheWorstRiven: IF I PING 2457821354732798562347895 times?! ImTheWorstRiven: 0 team play ImTheWorstRiven: just surr ImTheWorstRiven: happens ImTheWorstRiven: +1 ImTheWorstRiven: first few mins ImTheWorstRiven: interessting ImTheWorstRiven: no ult no f ImTheWorstRiven: tbh ImTheWorstRiven: we can ImTheWorstRiven: i have 0 dmg atm ImTheWorstRiven: legit 0 ImTheWorstRiven: and eve still oneshot me ImTheWorstRiven: with 120 mr I would like to know where the reason is why im perma banned i didnt abuse someone rlly hard. Ofc i do sometimes a lil "rage quit" and write something like "%%%%%%ed idiot" but srsly riot are u serious? I mean if someone shittalk me 24/7 and i write something to them im the person that gets an instant perma ban? In the first game in this list i write with a lux and didnt understood how a nami can outzoon a lux. Thats not possible if lux has some skills no hate at this part. Ofc i tilt aswell when i get mates like this while im silver 1 and playing against gold 1 mates while my teammates are silver aswell or low Gold. Makes sense!! Later in the game the enemy adc shittalked me so i shittalked back cuz why should i let someone call me bad or insulting me 24/7 ? I mean yea i can do a /mute all but in a teamgame is still the communication the key to win and we still nearly won even if i was 2:6 or something like that in the first game. In Game 2 i write with someone in the champion select and write for fun ignoring friendly ppl yea pretty insulting. after that i talked about my own with an enemy that i suck %%%%s on riven atm nothing evil aswell. After that i got a bit angry cuz my supp plays again a mage and plays like a low life adc in the background while i get the poke or i have to facetank everything. Ofc i can farm under turret but if they freeze 3-4 Waves i need to do something otherwise im so damn useless and everyone knows that. If the enemy can zoone you cuz ur team dont do anything ure useless. Again i get flamed cuz im the badder adc and my supp only get these noobs and when i say something back instant a ban reason makes sense. Then i talked to my jungler because we never do objectives. and i explain my jungler that he gives 3 times a huge shutdown while i only died without a shutdown. And in the 3th game as u can see i ask the enemy how it is possible to get a oneshot with 0 items when i build a lot of MR. Same with my jungler i just ask a lil bit "in rage" why i never get any ganks while im under pressure 24/7 and when i push 1 time rlly 1 time eve was behind me. Ofc im not the friendliest player but im also not someone who write "get cancer kill yourself or some other shit" like streamers and other guys often do. I also report them often but never get a notification that he got punished :') And after i flame 3 games a bit not that "evil" you guys instant ban me nice to see really!!. Cool stuff there. As i said im not the friendliest but instant a perma ban makes no sense for me. When i play 40 games and write a bit in 3 games get a instant ban yea idk it makes me angry. if u write something like kill yourself or some else shit i would unterstand that so much but rlly thats %%%%ed up. Sorry for my english im pretty garbage in english
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