I hate this community

The people on these boards are a bunch of redditors that watch pokimane . They keep blaming you and not helping at all. Just got a 14 day banned for getting matched with bad teammates and im not even exaggerating. Riot should stop banning people from being toxic and let them vent out, you can mute people if they bother you , i am toxic and i can still play well. They should ban people who troll , feed etc. They do the excact opposite, let the game ruiners get away and ban the toxic people Everyone loves to be toxic, look at call of duty or other console games with public lobbies. So in this game i got matched with a warwick that didnt gank anyone until it was 20 minutes in but then it was too late, i started flaming him and the only insult he could come up is that i am a kid etc. He couldnt even use proper grammar This was gold 2 How did this warwick end up in this division i have no idea but he really ruined the game. OTher time , i got a kaisa bot who literally said open mid and ran it down mid and inted . She didnt get banned when we reported her. This was in ranked aswell. I even tested it myself by feeding and not saying anything in chat and you can really do it. Stop banning people for being toxic. There is a mute button if anyone bothers you. Develop a system for banning players that troll and feed. Hate this community so much but im addicted because its a really good feeling when you actually get a good team that uses teamwork to win.
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