WB to league

So I haven't played league in 3 years now. I remembered how much fun I actually had playing with my friends. When I returned the same stuff happened as always. Flame, Afk, Toxicity, ... Weirdly I could just really ignore that and actually focus on the game. I just mute and ignore other players now and tbh it hasn't been like that before my break. I got sucked into useless discussion with random people on the internet because of a free2play video game. I think it's sad that the community hasn't changed eventhough the honor system has been integrated and some people dont learn their lesson. During my break I was playing starcraft 2 and noticed a fundamental difference. When a players is toxic they are simply ignored and go quiet by themselves. My request to the community is to simply ignore, mute and report these people. Don't give them any attention and focus on the game pls. I'm 31 and am too old for this s**t

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