Aight so, let's address the elephant in the room.

Let's talk Tyler For all 2 of you that don't know, Tyler1 is a popular LoL streamer who used to be INCREDIBLY toxic. As a result, he had several permabanned accounts. Since he showed no signs of improving, he was given a unique conditional restriction. If Tyler1 was caught playing LoL on any account, that account would be banned instantly. Period. Because of this, Tyler1 was completely unable to play the game whatsoever. However, he was recently given the opportunity to prove that his attitude changed and he's reformed. Fortunately for him, his rehab seems to have worked and he announced earlier today that he was no longer ID banned and is free to play League again (on a fresh account i'd imagine) So let's talk about that question that i'd imagine is going to be brought up. **No, this does not mean Riot is suddenly gonna let you try and reclaim your banned account** This Tyler news isn't Riot ushering in some kinda new rule where you get your account back if you go through a reforming trial period. The rules for punishment and reformation as the same as before. It has not been changed. "But if Tyler got his accounts back, why can't I?" Not so fast there, _xXStopgivingmenoobteamsXx_. Tyler didn't "Get his account back". He "Got his right to play the game back" "But i've reformed too! I wanna play again" Oh but you can! Unlike Tylerino, you're not banned from playing the game, just banned from playing on that account. If you've truly reformed, you should have no problem making a new account and getting back into the game. "But I had lot's of stuff on that account and want it back" Too Bad. It's harsh, but if Riot just gave you back stuff you earned on your perma'd account, there would be almost no weight to a permaban. Hope that cleared things up. Night
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