Riot please HELP ME!

In the last 24 hours I did play a total of 8 Promotion matches. In these 8 matches, I won only 2, then lost 3 (dropped to 90lp, won the next one, got Promotion again) and then lost 3 matches in a row. Why I want help? I lost 6 matches out of 8, why? In 3 matches I had people AFK In the 4th match I lost, both my team and enemy team had support AFK, they did return, and then looks like someone stole our mid laner Blue, because he did decide (and typed it in the chat) that he did want to lose because of that, he did start trolling, we lost. Next match, last one I did just play, I was 4/0 top, our Jungler did say: "Sorry Elhim, you are good, but these 3 players are ****, and they have not to win" Then she did start roaming randomly in Jungle ignoring everything and we lost. So, out of 6 matches I lost, I lost 5 because people left (or didn't literally want to win) I can't accept it, please, promote me in some way to the next division, I can't keep going like this, I can't keep playing with people who leave or literally don't want to win...
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