When the biggest annoyance becomes your greatest ally

Do you know those games where you feel like everything just fits, that everything is gonna go just right and your way, that everything fits and is perfect. I have experienced this feeling in a certain game. For entire 5 minutes. And it was glorious while it lasted. Then everything went horribly wrong, my patience was pushed to the limits as well as my sanity. What happened you might ask? Let us dive into the summoner's rift and recreate that.. Special day. *** I had the honors of playing jungle , bot gave me the most perfect leash thus I managed to gank them early at level 3 and get them first blood. And the second kill. They could naturally barely contain their ave and wonder and happiness as I helped them push out their lane while they kind of glared me out of it.. Probably cus I didn't take the canon minion as well. Ah those generous lovely people. Then I decided to go help mid lane who seemed to be in a bit of a struggle as they were both at less than half their hp so early. It was a perfectly executed cc chained gank and mid got a lovely gold lead now as well. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the game was going perfectly, what could possibly go wrong I asked myself, there is no way anything can go wrong at this point. Right? So the only lane left was top, and just as I was about to head there *thunder sound* top lane issues out 10 assistance needed pings. Which is fine, I was heading there anyway, they just seemed a bit.. Nervous is what worried me. I pinged "on my way" but then my ears got buried in another assault of 10 more assistance needed pings on top. And 5 seconds later another barrage of question mark pings on me since the enemy top lane flashed away once I ganked. Taking a deep calming breath I told Irelia to hang in there for a bit until the enemy top lane pushes again and I will try to gank once more of course. To which the well articulated thought out response was a ping spam of "back off" as I was heading back to jungle. I have to admit I was a bit miffed but decided not to dwell on it, I know how frustrating top lane can be at time, especially in disadvantegous matchups, but then our Syndra was not really pleased with being spammed with 50 pings only 6 minutes into the game. {{champion:134}} : Yo Irelia can you stop making my ears bleed for a bit? {{champion:39}} : *peep* *peep* *beep* - my attempt at censuring Irelia's lovely vocabulary {{champion:134}} : Why you stupid little *peep* Me: Guys it's ok, I will gank top now and everything will be fine, lets not fight over something silly {{champion:39}} : WILL YOU COME TOP ALREADY THEN YOU *peep* Me: Yes. i am coming. At this point I already gripped my mouse really hard imagining it was Irelia's skull in an attempt to keep calm. But she was my teammate, and she needed help, and that was exactly what she will get! So filled with determination and a renewed hope I headed top pinging on my way, but then, travesty. Irelia dies before I even get there, and that is when things go even more south. After a lovely string of profanities and curses from her, she decides I do not deserve my jungle apparently .-. So she decided to follow me step by step and last hit every single jungle monster she could. Which was still. F.. F.. Fine. *twitches* I decided it was time to give some love to Syndra at least since she seemed pretty put off by the whole situation and give her a blue buff, but Irelia flashed in last second just to take it before deciding to head top lane. Which was still fine, it took some calming down of the poor mana deprived mid laner and a promise of the enemy blue buff to keep her going. At least, I still had my bot side jungle. *feels hope returning* *more thunder sounds* But then Irelia teleported bot side and cleared all that as well. Which left me with.. *checks list* 2 scuttle crabs, dragon, baron, and the enemy jungle. Not too bad. Can make it work, just have to make my ganks perfect since I won't be having much secured farm is all. *sweat drops* All the while the top lane kept kinda dying over and over, blaming me for the most part, which again, I understand, in a way. Whenever I play jungle, I honestly blame myself for a lane losing badly, since it is my responsibility to get them ahead or at least protect them from the other jungler. So the game was moving along, thanks to farming fiercely in both her lane and my jungle, Irelia was able to have a decent build and sort of come back into the game. Which was why I was f.. Fi.. Fine with this *twitch* *clears throat* *** So 30+ minutes kicked in, both teams frolicking around baron. Suddenly everyone backed off to push side lanes a bit which got clogged up due to neglect since "frolicking around baron should naturally take at least 5 minutes" , and disaster strikes. 3 of my teammates get caught out, some on top some on bot, leaving me with.. You guessed it. The Irelia. Enemy starts baron. We have no vision whatsoever. Only faint outlines of a few enemies using their spells to chunk it down asap. The irelia backed all the way to base for some reason, and I decided to go for a steal, even if blind. Yes it was not maybe the smartest of ideas, but I was kinda a bit tilted from that game and decided to take things into my own hands. Even if Irelia spends the rest of the game pouting at base, at least I will have tried. As I was trying to calculate when to go in exactly, a miracle from the heavens happened, and Irelia decided to tp on a ward behind the baron pit. This was our chance. For some odd reason, our ganks top went horribly wrong and they were quite dissfunctional, but apparently put is in a 2v5 at baron pit and we will pull of a miracle, we got the steal, and the kills. And as I was about to die Irelia kinda, sort of *scratches head* may or may not have saved my life and killed off the last person. *glares at a wall* So I guess in the end it was worth it. Not arguing with her, nor bickering, blaming, giving up, just understanding her and why she did what she did. You never know, that biggest annoyance in your game, could quite literally turn out to be your ticket to the enemy nexus if you just try understand why they are doing something. And oh yes, after that we just pushed for the win. But that kinda matters the least in this story. Wouldn't you agree?

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