So I played in the russian server a bit.

For some reason today, the idea of playing in a diferent server popped in my head, I have already done this before, I tried playing in EUNE not long ago and didn't see much of a diference in playstyle and behavior compared to EUW. But the russian server, besides having zero english in the client ( you have literally two options, click every single button till you finally reach the place you wanted to go to or you have to memorize where everything is before you jump into the russian client ) and me having zero knowledge when it comes to the Russian language, players in my opinion behave a lot more differently compared to the sweet EUW server that I actually missed during my stay in the Russian server. Of course I started a fresh account meaning I'm being queue'd up with players who are either smurfing or are fresh meat ( which is the case in every server) however, to my surprise, NOBODY talks in-game, I played 4 matches ( not much I know ) and not once did they say anything, besides one occurrence in which someone asked me something in russian ( I was able to tell because they wrote " Талия " which in russian is the name for Taliyah, the champion I was using), but I couldn't reply since I have no clue what they were saying and I couldn't use google translate of course. Also I noticed people don't tend to give up right away. Which is something people in EUW do as soon as the enemy team gets first blood. But to every positive also comes a negative right? Well the negative thing about the russian players that I have experienced so far is that they don't take action immediatly when you ping for assistance ( for example you are being chased down the river and your botlane isn't running towards you in an attempt to help you survive/ kill the enemy/ies chasing you , they hesitate a lot which is comprehensible but frustrating. I used to play CS:GO a lot and the russians are famous for their toxicity there, but from what I have experienced so far (which isn't much I know) they are actually well behaved and not toxic at all. ( which was surprising ) Of course I'll be playing some more in the russian server since I had so much fun there and because I want to see if the toxicity will appear or not if I reach higher levels. I rate it a 8 out of 10 experience ( I'm not rating it 10/10 because I wasn't offered any vodka which was very dissapointing..)
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