The report feature never works so hey I am going to try Boartds

I just played 2 games. First one- My adc fed, was always telling us to surrender and went afk in the end. Never participated in any fights and did NOT cooperate in any meaning. Second one- This %%%%%% is autofilled to support. The first thing he says is: I am not supporting. To which I replied that I was not going to give my role, which was top lane. He bans our jungler's champion and my jungler DID have Lee Sin selected and he banned it. He instalocks Tryndamere and plays like he was on top lane with our Jhin. "Supporting" him. So, my conclusion is: After these games I reported both these people and I am never going to get a reply from Riot that can tell me if they are banned or not. Because Riot doesn't give a single %%%% about the playerbase. Like I literally report lots of people that AFK on games and I NEVER received a message telling me if they were banned. And if you think about it it is kind of dumb because these 2 players can literally troll in one game and get no punish at all because "it was only one game". In a way, I get it why it works that way, yeah everyone can rage at some point because they play too much or had a bad day... But what about US??? The people that are forced to play with these trolls and they aren't punished because "it was only one game". Thank you for your time and sorry if I sound a bit mad... It's because I am mad.
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