Rito, go ban your self!

So, I got a 14 days ban. Yes I deserve it due to my really tilted comments in game. So when I can't flame in game its time to flame some on Rito. I know the reason for 99.9% of my own outbursts of anger. It is the feeling of being surrounded by fools and blamers. The skill and experience span is too wide in the games. Players with 2 wins get mixed with others who have hundreds of wins. Players who doesn't understand the basics and objectives of the game get to play in the same game as others who have played thousands of games. This is facts and to me it seems utterly stupid. Why should these new players be allowed in the games? Why can't they have a much longer evaluation period where they can practice. I was having a lot of "ok" games in silver, but now I am playing in bronze. I get to hear comments from players every game. Every game I get to hear comments such as "noob" etc. This I get from players with very little experience and / or skill. I don't care much about it, but over time I build up this huge amount of fury and after a few games I kind of burst. I just go mayhem on somebody who doesn't seem to understand the game. Sure its wrong, but the game is set up this way, so it will keep happening. I don't mind this ban. There will never be a league free from toxic players with the current system. The experience and skill range is far too wide and this is a problem for me and I think the rest of the players "enjoying" this game. Eight out of ten games are not enjoyable due to the fact that one team stomp the other. Its not fun for the losers and not much fun for the winers. I have not statistics or other facts to back this up. But I think many would agree about not many games not being close to even. I have no interest in playing against high elo players and not against the beginners. I want to play against players with the same amount of skill and experience as my self. Is this to much to ask?

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