Im in a game right now

So my toplane trundle is vs a naut, who has in a 17 minute game spent 6 minutes botlane with amumu on a 4 v 2 sige, trundle still lost tower. My jungler, KHA is doing blue and waiting on wolves to respawn. My adc, Lucian and me (braum) are up against a velcoz and jhin, several times i have gone in and gotten 3 stacks on both enemys, and lucian does simply not dash in to prock it, however, he has no trubble going into the 4 v 2 sige 2 times. Oh, and mid was afk for the first 5 minutes. So, challangers. do tell me how to win this game, since its skillbased, and not luckbased on the team you get. yeah i thought so. fucking luckbased, rigged riot game. Edit: this is the 50th game in 130 games were this specific situation has happend: the adc cant use his mouse to rightclick with his 280 ping, the toplaner cant grasp the fact that he should be pushing and the assasin-jungler thinking that wolves will save the day.
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