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Hey my friends the new season started and already im wondering what happend about my last season rewards. So i started texting the lol support what happend with my last season rank. 1. The answer was that cause of a chat restriction, i lost all my season rewards so far so good (they said that ur season rewards depends on ur honor level i didnt get that but okay). But why it does not show me my last season rank in game on my profile they did not answerd. 2. So immediately after their answer they cloased my ticket for the first time {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} So i wrote them a message that the please explain to me how the season reawrd and my last season rank had to do with my honor iwas kind of worried cauz i climbed in the offseason and my first ranked showed my that i started in bronze 4 and again they did not answerded all my questions and justtold me that ur rewards in some blurry words had to do with ur honor level abnd again the closed the ticket{{sticker:sg-shisa}} now im rlly mad twice they decided that my problem was solved burt only answered one question here is my question does some one knows can u write a complaiment about the behavior of the player support I'm really sorry for the spelling mistakes its because im really mad and wrote this directly after i saw the response Thanks for your help Your Fusinol > **"Weather forecast for tonight: dark, with a chance of pain!"**
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