Players behavior in ARAM! and constant complaining!

Let me tell you something about ARAM how it was created and why it exist, and why today with players like you that constantly complain about different things in ARAM, this mod would have never existed! ARAM was not invented by RIOT to make a fun mode for players, a relaxing alternative to Summoner Rift, ARAM was invented by us the players 9-10 years ago short after the game was released! We invented it and create a set of rules and played it on summoner rift (only map back then) in custom games on mid lane ARAM = all random all mid, thats why its call "all mid" cause was played on 3 lanes map on MID lane! - you can't go back in base only if you die - you can't go and farm jungle or side lanes We created a set of rules and some players put them on an website or just write them in a text file, then went in Custom games and create a game with name ARAM and when players joined in they PASTE the rules or the link with the rules (back then people were not scared by their own shadow to click on a link) After make sure everybody understand the rules they start the game, a normal summoners rift map were no rules were FORCED on players by the system, all rules were enforced by players self control ,respect for others and honorable attitude! and just joy to play (not win) a video game! - back then you could go afk or leave the game, nobody would punish you - you could int or troll - you could flame, be racist and homophobic and constant toxic, no punishment ! - you could CHEAT by farming jungle or go out of enemy vision and go back in base! Guess what ?!?!?!?! - they were very little people that went afk or left the game most of the game we were playing 5v5 till end, and if somebody left were life/technical problems not rage because they die, or team feed or they got a boring champion or the team got bad champions and enemy got NIDALEE (the most op champ in aram back then) - nobody went sides and troll or just flash in nemy tower and int to "punish his team", there were rare, but very rare cases that even the creator of the CUSTOM ROOM asked everybody if they get the rules, some just ignored and went side form start in their own world and farmed, but those were rare case of ignorant players - nobody was homophone, racist and bad toxicity, and all it was was banter, friendly funny one (we could say f u nidalee, and nidalee just laugh (not cocky) everybody laugh chill and keep play) - somebody could have a small burst of anger on a teammate or enemy, but those were short 2-3 seconds then everybody keep pale and have fun not complain for next 20 min - very rare people CHEATED, and their own tema was honorable and pointed him out to enemy that he cheated and went jungle or in base, and punishment was for him to go die to enemy!, guess what ? in 98% of cases they did that, they didn't cry like little %%%%%es "why you told them ?" they don't refuse to do it and start troll! they just go suicide and that was it, and more! enemy were ok and we keep playing, enemy did not flame him or whine for next 20 min! - why own team told the enemy that one teammate cheated ?! because we had HONOR back then, we did not kill a disconnect player, we did not win with all cost ! we wanted to play a fair fun and honorable game and if we won that's great BONUS! not win by being slimy scumbags, abusing a disconnect player, or cheating or bending rules! Because the custom games were full of ARAM rooms and this custom game mod was so popular and because players asked RIOT so many times on forum to make it official, after some time RIOT did it! they made the ARAM map a special oficial mode with those rules implemented, and also tweaking items and campions to fit better the map! But now after 9 years is not enough!, players got rerolls, so it's not 100% random you have 2 more chances to bend the random rules, we back then what we got that's what we play no rerolls, and still we manage to play most games 5v5 nobody disconnect or went afk after picking a "bad" champ or having a bad team combo vs Nidalee. But whine continue "nonono RIOT rerolls are not enough" us the self centered, spoiled and forever whine players, we want MORE! so RIOT made the possibility to swap with others and to be able to pick the champs others rerolled. So now you can swap with an ally, you have 2 rerolls, and also you can pick from other champions that others rerolled, so you bend the ARAM rules so freaking much! ************************* **New generation of players and their whine!** BUT IS NOT ENOUGH RIOT! we are too spoiled and self centered so let the whine beghin: - we want bans! - we want x items removed ! - we want x champion removed! - you are so garbage in balance in aram RIOT ?! we want better balance! - we flame the team so much that we get banned for toxicity in aram - we afk and whine all game because of what champ we got - we whine because of our team combo vs enemy combo - we queue doge over and over because from 140 champs we didn't get the one we want! - we are cocky and mock enemy when we get strong champs, call them noobs and shit, but we cry like little %%%%%es when we get bad champs - we want players that have fun and like to fight a lot to be BANNED! why players don't take the randommode serious RIOT ? ban the inters just because is a fun mode doesn't mean you don't take it serious and feed the enemy!!! wtf riot!!! - we call players noobs and flame, tell them to kill themself and to uninstall, seal skins and wish their family to die, for 20 min because they don't knwo to play a champ that they might never played before! - we are spoiled, self centered, dishonorable, and we want to win all games because that's the only fun "the WIN" not the game itself and we want all time in a RANDOM mode to get the best champions while the enemy to get the worst champions so we can mock them riot! ************************* How this mode was created, the new generation of players you that all time whine and whine about everything, and you have no respect for other 9 players, and only want everyone to pamper you and only thing about yourself, you this new crybabies players you would never manage to make a mode like this ever again! Imagine this modern spoiled brats players 9 years ago! custom summoner rift games like we played when invented ARAM ! - because of no chat punishment, players would stay only to chat to flame each other and not play - because of no afk/dc punishment all games 4v5, 3v5, 3v3 etc because the spoiled brats self centered whiny %%%%%es would not like what they random got! - all time cheaters and nobody would try to stop them from their team since you have no honor! win at all costs right!? - all time if enemy point out you cheated you would start acting like a little %%%%% and mock them call them kids, nobbs, etc, instead to have honor and admit and then die to them as the rules were made! ************************* CONCLUSION - the ARAM mod would never become popular and RIOT would never had created it!
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