I got permabanned after 7 years of playing with this account.

Hi, I have been playing this game for almost 7 years now with the same account, and just today i got a notification saying i was permabanned. Inthe duration of these 7 years i can confidently say that my attitude in and out of the game has changed very little or just gotten a bit but very bit better through the years. Basically what im trying to say is that for the duration of these 7 years i apprently acting the same way over and over had never been deserving of a ban but in the last month i have been both suspended for 14 days and now permanently so. Down here i will leave a copy of what i apparently said to deserve said suspension and you tell me if i any of the words said by me are deserving of a permanent ban. Kepp in mind that during this conversation i was recieving constant harrasment by the oppposite party (two premade players, context wich apprently doesnt matter to riot) Below is the text of the game the reason of my permanent suspension: Game 1 Dratan: oh when your adc from last game is against you :D Dratan: "my cs" Dratan: cit. Dratan: he was pure shitt Dratan: if i had something like zyra now was free win vs him Dratan: insta tilt boy Dratan: measure it hp cmon Dratan: bahh Dratan: 3 kills is not normal Dratan: why ttook so long? Dratan: wasnt that the problem but anyway Dratan: use it next time Dratan: what a sad sad joke Dratan: ff and u are reported Dratan: is just a waste of time Dratan: why malz still there Dratan: 10 min Dratan: ori 4 times biot Dratan: PUSH MONGOL Dratan: then gently push Dratan: or roam Dratan: ORI STILL BOT Dratan: now let's see 1 thing Dratan: why they had a party bot lane for several minutes and top lsot 2 turrets? Dratan: and mid no push? Dratan: this blablabla will cost you a report for intetionally losing a ranked game Dratan: and top for troll/int Dratan: eh y we will see Dratan: why heimer cause u had free win? Dratan: going yi top cause his only champ got taken and that score says it all. plus his name but hey u got free win soo who cares sportmanship ehh Dratan: wow u must be pro in low elo Dratan: y sure u are big boy Dratan: did i offend your premade vi? Dratan: Bg This is all that was attached to my report feedback.
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