Intentionally feeding in RANKED

Just now i finished a RANKED game, after which i couldn't resist to post on Boards. It all started in ranked champ select, everyone showed their picks and our support **Antiiope** was 5th, he took {{champion:40}} . When his ban came, he banned our mid laners champion - {{champion:1}} , w/o saying a single thing on a chat. In that game our chat was active, our adc asked him something, but support was quiet, not saying a single thing before or after he banned our mid lanes champ. In loading screen i noticed that {{champion:40}} had taken {{summoner:12}} and {{summoner:6}} as summ spells. As the 15th second of game went by, gates opened and an immediate tp went to mid turret as Janna had popped ghost and was heading straight to enemy base saying: "Honor me plz". Then she ressed, this time she walked to mid lane, but waited till enemy {{champion:238}} appears to give him kills and said again: "Zed honor me". It continued several times giving Zed more than 5 kills (not sure how many though) before she started to visit my opponent {{champion:8}} in top lane giving him several kills. Between all the deaths **Antiiope** went afk several times and pretty much changed her items more than once. Their adc was afk for the whole game, so we tried to fight back, but that {{champion:238}} just snowballed our mid laner so hard, that it was impossible to kill him even when our jungler {{champion:57}} ganked. At some point our adc went afk in fountain to spam /ff votes. The game ended with {{champion:40}} having a score of 0/23/2 and lvl8 and a hurricane in inventory in 26mins; our adc afk at base and enemy team steamrolling over us like crazy. Lost 19LP in this game. Btw this is Gold V elo. I hope that Riot puts some penalty on the ones who went AFK in a RANKED game and BANS THIS JANNA!!!!! Here is a link to Post-game lobby - Just checked his profile, and it seems he has been doing this a lot -
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