I'm sick of playing in Bronze with kids and stupid people!!!

I can't play like this anymore, in every game i get verbally abused, my team trolls and/or someone goes AFK. Lately i entered solo queue, entered champion select, picked champins, everything was alright untill game started. I was playing Annie against Katarina on mid. once Katarina went away, I said SS. Second time, because i was low on CS and i was focusing on it, I didnt say SS when Katarina went ganking bot. She made one kill, and of course our Varus started flaming. I was saying to myself " It's ok she only have one kill". Everytime she went ganking i said ss but no one was going back and Katarina was getting fed. I couldnt go after her because she might get me into trap. We had no vision in whole map, only I was using wards. Then my whole team started flaming on me because i "DIDNT SAY SS", but whole chat was full of my pings for missing enemy and danger. Then they started saying that I fed Katarina ( she killed me twice when she was already fed ). Varus started to verbally abuse me and my family. I couldnt take it anymore, I muted them, but i cant play without comunicating with team that doesnt know how to use pings. So i went afk and reconnected immediately, hoping that that would give them some lessons, but game was already over. They were all saying "Report Annie for feed and never SS". I just cant do this anymore. And everytime i get fed I cant carry my team because every champion in their team has kills like me, because in my team at least one always feed, and im always playing like im playing 1v5. Thank you for reading this, it wasnt really helpful, but i just wanted to share my minds with somebody.I know that there are more people like me, with same problems. I might just stop playing League :(
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