Why LoL is aimed at a younger audience, and why ranked and the store is catered for them.

So I expect this to get a slew of down votes as it will obviously hit multiple nerves of any players here in the teenager age bracket. I'm presuming that percentage on here to be high, although of course I can't possibly know without a poll running for a few months or something with only honest answers given, BUT I think this may be food for thought for some of you anyway.... Ok so if you have ever come across streamers like Jim Sterling or Angry Joe, they talk about this sort of thing often. Yo may of course hate those streamers BUT them and others are trying to get a message across at the moment and it's how they are catering games just like Lol (thanks to the expertise of Tencent) for the teenager gamer, and this is due to how lucrative it is. Games like Lol, Dota, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc all are made to capture and ensnare an audience which as of yet have not fully developed, self control, forward planning, rational spending etc. In sum it's marketing using the science of the prefrontal cortex. As an example: https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/human-brain/teenage-brain1.htm LoL is made, very carefully to ensure you're hooked/addicted and often not made aware of how much you're continually spending on the game. EA are masters of this with their Fifa series too actually. They know very well a certain age bracket (as they've research it, spent thousands on doing so) are more subjective to these mechanics and they have mastered putting them in there from the mobile phone market (where games for 5 years olds are set up to take MTX transactions so fast you have no idea it's been done). I see many posts on here from younger players commiserating how addicted they are with others, and how miserable the game can make them. This is honestly all by design. The game isn't made to leave anyone really in a positive state of mind and they sincerely profit every time an account is banned. They know that means a new account, new skins brought etc, it's simply not profitable for them (especially now as more games become more popular) to keep you as a player happy. Ranked is specifically designed that way. So if you've spent a good deal of your summer holidays so far playing this game, and it's making you miserable, please just look into why that is, and stop. Stop playing for a bit and shake it off. Especially if you're flaming your way to making a new account after an inevitable ban (the amount of pleas on this board begging to be un-banned is tragic). Go and enjoy the rest of your summer break, play something else, go out, just do something else if only for while... Just think about it.
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