Wanna climb out of the Elo Hell?

Then stop making it hell yourself! It's THAT easy. **What is Elo Hell?** > Elo Hell is a state of the mind, where player thinks that they are better at LoL than everybody else. They fail to admit their own mistakes, often blaming other players for them, thereupon they are unable to learn from their mistakes and fail to improve at the game. Not to make this post so cry-me-a-river style: 1. Losing is part of this game. **Accept the fact that you will loose ~50% of your games!** 2. **Everybody makes mistakes, INCLUDING YOU.** Don't flame me when I missplay as I don't flame you when you missplay. 3. **Winning in League is TEAM EFFORT.** If you play solo, ignore your teammates, undermine your allies morale by flame, your are bringing YOURSELF down. You need the rest of your team to win, can't do that solo - sorry. 4. **Losing lane is not equal to losing game** - if you get beaten in lane and there's nobody to help you, look at the rest of the team. Maybe others are having better game and will carry the game later - maybe everybody gets beaten and thats just a lost game - try to win as hard as you can and move to another - maybe better game. There's always something to learn from each game. Experience lets you win more. 5. Play accordingly to your team situation - **it's your TEAM that WINS**, not you alone. 6. In order to climb the ladder it's YOU who need to IMPROVE. Treat every game as a lesson or practice session - the outcome doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is what you've learned this time. Have a good time at Summoners Rift, but what's more important, don't make other people time at Summoners Rift a Hell {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I'm writing this post because of how sad I am to see that League community has not improved at all :/ I returned to League after few months break from Summoners Rift (been playing ARAM a bit meanwhile). I noticed that League community was improving, so I decided to try Summoners Rift again. I was pleasently surprised how nice it was to play normal drafts. So I decided to try ranked again... ... and oh-my-god I hit the floor so hard.
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