HACKER alert (a dumb one though)

just a few moments before someone from my friend list sent me a link and said that it would give me a free skin! i entered it and i saw this site that is like the login page of LOL (not the game) , but it had showed a non secure connection and the http was- leage of skins-!?!, i mean who is this guy trying to fool? not just that but at the bottom the riot certificate (riot games ,inc etc..) showed that this page goes back to 2013?? i tried to talk him into it but he just kept denying, and then i tried also to report him but there is no option for that?? (in my friend list). i would add screen shots if possible theres no option for that too! i wonder where i could report this guy with the screen shots ive go( in some riot site made for this kind of things)
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