Feeders/Afk/ Toxic. Is LOL still worth playing in 2019

Hi guys, So in the amount of games ive played ive had nearly a feeder/quitter/flammer in 2/3 of those games. Everyone is either a smurf or strangely considerately better at the game than everyone on my team which is okay sometimes. I have the mentality of "ok if their better and we beat them i can say, Yes we are better and we won" But recently if their team gets the first blood or early dragon ect. My team just goes "Fcuk it im done, im going to feed/afk" or everyone is Extremely Toxic, i just had a game with someone who complained i hadnt ganked him in the first 5 minutes and he was already 0/4. I had someone tell me to die in a car crash and he hopes my entire family gets cancer. From what ive seen of the players in this game i really dont wanna play it anymore? but ive put so much time/energy into it that i dont wanna quit?. Like i wanna play ranked and rank up. Iron->bronze->silver->gold->diamond. I wanna feel myself getting better not every single game someone throws and tells me or another member of the team to kill themself. {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:32}}
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