A Support "Main"'s Opinion on the Role

Been playing for 2.5 years (not as long as others but a good amount of time) I am Silver but i don't this elo matters on this topic, that much. When i started understanding the game i used to hardcore main support, i literally played no other roles, and i think that at this moment, 60% of my games are as support. Recently i have moved to playing ADC/Jungle because i do not enjoy the role. And I recently just realised why the support playerbase is so small. * You have low gold income & you are constantly underleveled * Your team flames you for any vision mistakes on the map (even though u can only place 4 wards at a time) * If u play a kill lane with ignite and u get a couple of kills with that last tick of ignite, instead of hearing a "GJ", you get a "fck u" * How many times have u heard, "Shield me you dumb f*ck", "Just shut up and heal me" * Your ADC pushes while you're at base and dies? "OMFG, report this support" * You do a minimal amount of damage (apart from early levels or Zyra/Annie) and let's admit, people prefer to play roles they can do damage with and carry. * If your team is just plain bad, ur hopeless. It's not like you're playing katarina and u can 1v5 them. * And just to emphasise, the sheer amount of abuse support players receive and they get treated like a slaves. There are some support changes coming to pbe, that I personally think are nice. But I do not have time to get abused in my favorite video game (I get enough of that irl) And I do know the mute button exists, i use it often, but to mute them they have to say some sh*t 1st and i don't like insta muting people from the start of the game, cause they might have something useful to say. I personally give up on playing support in any ques, unless i am with a full premade team and i feel like it. Some of my favorite champs can mainly be viable in support ({{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} ) I have played the occasional AD Janna Jungle game or the Tank Leona jungle, but that's another way to get abused by your team :P So, my final point is, Support role is the slavery of League and i choose to play something fun. P.S.: I know supports can carry games, but let's be honest, I'd rather not be called a "gay piece of sh*t" just because i am playing Sona and my W as on cooldown ~~~~Nick {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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