I'm done with ranked players (a rant for the abjection of the Ranked solo/duo queue)

I had 3 ranked games in a row where my team had AFK people and the other team not, so it was 2 games were we were 3v5 and one taht we were 4v5. I had people that because the system put them in the support position they went with ADC so we had no support or they would straight up troll and feed. I had one teammate that didn't know how ranked teams worked and 'didn't know what to take for his role' ... And all of this defines my rank? I am fed up! Reporting someone I really DON'T believe that does something because I see those people 3 out of 4 games I play. And no I won't devote my whole life to climb up to diamond hoping that this will stop at some rank. If you don't wanna play with roles it's fine go play a Blind mode game why do you have to solo/duo ranked queue and fuck my game? Because having a win streak and then just suddenly having more than 5 defeats in which I had people that didn't want to play this or had to go because their mother is yelling is freaking NOT FUN! Many people use the Ranked solo/duo queue just because RIOT suddenly decided that we don't want long queues and we prefer having a quick matchup than having a normal draft mode. Bullshit! I want normal draft mode back because if these people want to pick roles, I don't care what they do as long as they don't do it in ranked games. I didn't see a warning from RIOT for the normal draft removal. You people just decided one day to do that. Wasn't any of your colleagues there to object against it? Wasn't someone there to say what chaos is bringing that to the other queues? So if you find this rant unreasonable, then, either you don't play LoL much or you are in a higher division in which trolls like that don't exist, so don't even bother to leave a comment if you don't see my point. Now am I being salty about that in game? NO! I try my best and don't even look at the chat but this is getting ridiculous and boring. I can't play ranked like this.
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