Immediate 14 days ban after 1v5 Pentakill

I dont know what this games become but after 1v5 pentakilling the enemy I obviously drew a lot of rage reports. Envy is a very big problem and the worst players are usually the ones that report the most. Anyway I only got 2 chat logs with only a single line justifiying reporting. The second game I also pentakilled their team so as youd expect another set of reports. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE ENEMY TEAM DIDNT GET TO SEE A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE MESSAGES SINCE THEY WERE TEAM ONLY but I guarantee you that I was reported numerous times by them for being negative and offensive. I also immediately got this ban without any punishment prior LOL. So yeah Game 1, the one where the enemy got completely dominated becoming mad AF as a result. Lee who unfortunately appeared to main this champ while being exceptionally bad at him was especially mad AF since he didnt do anything but misplays. Apart from "tard" which is very minor theres no offense to be seen. By %%% I dont refer to homosexual males but to cigarettes. Game 1 Fatal1tyHD: WHAT A DUMB FUCKIN CAHMP NO SKILL Fatal1tyHD: AFJ Fatal1tyHD: vs most broken top entire game tard Fatal1tyHD: LMAO FUCKIN TARD its riven Fatal1tyHD: solo kill broken riven Fatal1tyHD: you fuckin trash %%% took jungle okay last time im going top instalocking from now on Fatal1tyHD: lee and yas refund champs get annie and yi Fatal1tyHD: being best by far in whole lobby yy So yeah Game 2, the one were the enemy team got 1v5 pentakilled resulting in them being mad AF and throwing all kinds of offenses at me along with making use of their trusty report function at end of game. "%%%" is not even a word apparently I got reported for being too good. I literally get reported every game for tearing through those bad smurfs beginner players but I have to get level 30 somehow. Game 2 Fatal1tyHD: hes better ganking is pointless Fatal1tyHD: you are Fatal1tyHD: w Fatal1tyHD: stop lying cos 0 2 Fatal1tyHD: malph carrying Fatal1tyHD: 1v5 Fatal1tyHD: no Fatal1tyHD: xDD D fucikin %%% Fatal1tyHD: def reporting sivir Besides I get ACTUALLY offended for playing too good every single game LUL. I have experience with getting unjust bans but have never gotten them this quickly and without any restrictions preceding it. Of course being pentakilled and taunted is never fun but learn to contain yourself. Also the reason players who curse lose "x" % more games is that players typically flame when theyre paired with bad teammates who wouldnt have played better regardless of whether they have gotten flamed.

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