It's easy to get banned and lose your honor level.

Does toxic people get to honor 5 fast? What is a toxic player overall? Does riot trust in it's own honor system? I got the impression from Riot that i'm the worst scum in league and got two week suspension and my honor lvl 5 to zero and locked just from this one game. I talked to support and yes i sent an unneccessary insult that was a mistake, but really? Just by this ONE message (confirmed by support), that you can see below, lead to a 14 days suspension and my honor lvl taken away. I'm overall a positive player (have been since season 2) and when support looks a report, it doesn't take to account ANYTHING else than my chat log from that game. For example I was furious from my team flaming me the whole game without reason and got overheated. It doesn't justify what I said but just a little context would help in giving more just punishments. I think a chat restriction would've been enough from that game, it surely would've sent the message but a 14 days suspension and my hard work earned honor 5? I think it's too much. I don't know tell me guys what you think. Game 1 zeketius: gj zeketius: im gonna %%% _(<--inside joke to my friend when I died if you think I said this as an insult like riot did)_ zeketius: ss mid zeketius: facepalm :D zeketius: come zeketius: vayne zeketius: damn if that e wouldve hit... _(<--This is the point where the chat filled with our adc s rage and insults)_ zeketius: **stfu %%%got** zeketius: nice kills zeketius: ok i guess its so zeketius: lol zeketius: we should group zeketius: yeah we cant do much to him zeketius: hes carrying way to hard zeketius: wow zeketius: ok zeketius: jesus
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