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riots .i play this game in 4 years and u baned my aco%%%% for no reason . wt u guys expect from toxic watch this chat Game 3 In-Game shameemax: ward bkue shameemax: ? shameemax: report kindrade plz shameemax: didnt ask from a noob: (i asked them to report kindrade cause she troling and flaming and they flamed me) shameemax: stop shameemax: y feed? shameemax: report it shameemax: troller shameemax: y man shameemax: y shameemax: ? shameemax: i cant 1 v 5 shameemax: its a gg shameemax: xdd kid u ded as 1st blood shameemax: stop crying shameemax: we having bad top laner thats y u talk xdd9 they flaming my team in all chat) shameemax: we all know u a trash shameemax: ask from ur bot lane xdd shameemax: that jax bad we can win shameemax: bot win take terant shameemax: wp shameemax: plz we can abn this top lanes account shameemax: help me shameemax: yasuo u know its a gg shameemax: ha is trling shameemax: lets ban his account shameemax: sry 4 u guys dont have jgl shameemax: fair game i guss shameemax: zed come ]we ned to kill this yasu shameemax: y fedd? shameemax: we play 4 v 5 shameemax: and still feed shameemax: ? shameemax: plz all reort and plz send a card 4 riots( this is not toxic im keep asking to report that player thats not toxic) shameemax: he will get ban im sure shameemax: plz do it shameemax: sup go 4 dmg shameemax: vai==yhne shameemax: help plz man shameemax: abrom shameemax: y shameemax: no baron shameemax: 1 hit shameemax: ? shameemax: back plz shameemax: lets end quick guys shameemax: adc dont go solo shameemax: adc help shameemax: no dmg man shameemax: adccccc::::::( keep saying to focous enamy adc) shameemax: we can shameemax: adccccc shameemax: we had time shameemax: and u didnt came shameemax: now gg adc shameemax: we can still win shameemax: help man shameemax: this advc shameemax: u think u pro shameemax: ? shameemax: thats better shameemax: let him go shameemax: stfu ikw shameemax: adc::::::( keep saying to focous enamy adc) shameemax: adc shameemax: adc shameemax: adc shameemax: adc shameemax: adc shameemax: baron shameemax: end now shameemax: end shameemax: adc shameemax: we necc shameemax: help now Post-Game( after match allso no toxic 4 that troller ) shameemax: wp team shameemax: its 40 mins with 4 v 5 shameemax: :) shameemax: yah shameemax: im issuing card allso shameemax: yah he will dw u show this match as toxic match . we played 4 v 5 in this game and enamy team allways flaming us and we allways try to focus there adc to win and but we failed cause of we have trollr and u guys should punish him .wt is this .give me this account back .and last time i played 1 rank game after 4 months and after that match u guys ban my account for 7 days didnt even show chat restracted .this is so unfair .then i submit a ticket and u sayd that was a mistake and game 25 match chat ban for no reason .and now perma ban 4 this chat .wt is this game ? be fair this is no need to to suck a chat like this. i showed all chat nothing was erased u can watch my chat again pl be fair and give this account back.and how u ban account like this .as i told u guya ban account 7 days with out even giving chat ban and when i asked u gave 25 match chat ban. so now it should be 7 days ban iff u think im toxic ( there is no any toxic things in here). enamys can report mush as they can when they get rected by me ( 80 % win rate ) and is this how u guys respond to then .should we want to mute whole game when we play a game ? can u explain if we type 10 + or something we get insta ban ?. anyboady can report cause i rect enamys in all games .so at least be fair .no need to ban then .just dont ban good players account wt is the poit of this ? Game 2 In-Game shameemax: ah fk::::: ( this is not toxic i made a mistake and blaming my self i think smith on red xd) shameemax: b shameemax: mv shameemax: mb shameemax: really sry shameemax: top laner shameemax: can u ss shameemax: ? shameemax: i mean at least shameemax: ? shameemax: wt shameemax: ? shameemax: trist shameemax: wtf shameemax: yes shameemax: wt ru doing? shameemax: y feed him? shameemax: yah ik atrox shameemax: feed panthion its hard shameemax: y sawin:::::::::(this is not flaming ) shameemax: y? shameemax: im not golng 4 any object now on:::: ( telli gthis 4 good for team not flming ) shameemax: play safe shameemax: if u dont help me shameemax: i will do the same::::( this is is not flaming im saying im not helping him is that a flame?) shameemax: idc shameemax: watch enamy bot lane they help there jungler shameemax: help to gert drake then ez win shameemax: i gank bot 2 times shameemax: ah 3 shameemax: repot this yumi shameemax: and bot is yours shameemax: who cares shameemax: ? shameemax: plz repory yumi flaming and crying shameemax: plz report shameemax: yumi and cait shameemax: flaming shameemax: plz eport yumi flaming again after the game allso in post chat i didnt sayed any thing to them ( i really need to blame them but there is rule in this game we cant blame then .at least can u show me a point of flaming here?( is that asking to report a player is a flame ? wt is this game under 5 years kind?). plz be fairn to make ur dessision right . at least give 7 days ban i will ok with it .as i sayed i playd this game 4 yeasr nothing wil happen earlyer .why u guys act like this fro your active playes like us .i accept 7 days ban if i did anything wrong .but this is so unfair .just look these chats .2 nd game there is nothing in flaming thind .and if u fuys watch otehrs chats they talk things like blaming others families and sexyalitys .u guys shiould game me a honner to not be tilted and keep playing this game. insted of thet u guys banning me . plz consider this matter and if there is any wront thing i done punish it with 7 days ban not with perma ban . im kee reminding onethis i got 7 days ban from last time 4 no reason and i asked u guys why and u told that can be removed it was mistake and i got 25 match chat ban for no reason .plz dont act like this kind enough for give this accountback .as i allready told if there is any mistake in my side show me that and i accept 7 days ban ( if only there is a my falt .but i dont think so ).plz be kid enough for consider all these things and plz tell me wt are the things u guys consider for ban . i hope u guys dont do this to a active players and kind enough fro give this account back .and i will be deactivate my chat plz give this account back .thank you.!! plz consider this point .i told u guys gave me a 7 days ban and then i send all the chat for u guys and you told that was a mistake and gave me 25 chat restracted. so in this point if im a gilty for act as a toxic player u want to give me a 7 day or 14 days ban ( im not acted a s a toxic player ) and allso im playing this game for 4 years .so plz give me that punishment of 7 or 14 days ban and give me my account back . plz be fair i can accept my failture if u saying i get reports so punish me as ur rules and give me 7 days or 14 days ban ? its the fair way so plz dont perma ban give me the chance .i mean thats the rule of riots am i right? dont perma ban punish account that 7 day or 14 day suspession plz .thank you !!
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