Why is it that the people I report never get punished?

I always report people within the reporting system following the summoner's code, never abusing the system to report those who are just playing badly, but only for cheaters and "flamers", people who insult or are just abusive in general. I have never gotten the message that the people I report have been punished, even though I know that when (and if) so happens I should be getting one.. are they not getting punished or do i not get the message? Lately whenever i play a coop vs ai game i always get at least 2 cheaters on my team who use third party bot programs to farm IP, which i believe is an ucceptable behaviour, not only because all of us need to "grind them the hard way", but also because they impact the game negatively for whoever gets them in their party. In my last game i got 4 bots in my team, making it impossible for me to win since i was playing with 400 ping: why is riot doing nothing to punish them harshly? if appropriate punishment was issued for this behaviour, there should be a lot less of them.

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