Need your opinion on a chat-log.

So this guy was in one of my games and some of the players on his team found him toxic and reported him. He did not get a chat-restriction/ban. I got the chat-log form player support. The player himself play fizz vs ahri midlane and the enemy has a kha jg. The player gets rekt by ahir and dies a lot, and as you can tell he is quite tilted. My qestion to you: is this toxic? And should this game lead to a ban or reduced honor level for the player? [5:13] [All] {Redacted} (Fizz): wp kha [5:39] [All] {Redacted} (Fizz): flash 2 ks and fail [5:57] [All] {Redacted} (Fizz): 17 cs as fizz vs ahri pre 6 [6:44] {Redacted} (Fizz): this ahri is good [9:56] {Redacted} (Fizz): that ahri is outplaying me everytime [10:02] {Redacted} (Fizz): did you see her flash? [11:56] {Redacted} (Fizz): because? [12:06] {Redacted} (Fizz): i did not play bad there [13:01] {Redacted} (Fizz): this ahri is defenetly an ahri main' [13:13] {Redacted} (Fizz): and i got bullied early [13:19] {Redacted} (Fizz): now im use less [13:22] {Redacted} (Fizz): because 1/6 [15:11] [All] {Redacted} (Fizz): kha afk? [16:34] {Redacted} (Fizz): i have been bot [16:40] {Redacted} (Fizz): but they had wards [16:54] {Redacted} (Fizz): yes [16:56] {Redacted} (Fizz): and? [17:22] {Redacted} (Fizz): i am playing against a better opponent with some snowball kills [17:46] {Redacted} (Fizz): ahri ult [21:26] {Redacted} (Fizz): why are we still playing? [21:38] {Redacted} (Fizz): im 2/9 [21:46] {Redacted} (Fizz): i dont think i can do that [21:57] {Redacted} (Fizz): fizz need to get ahead [22:32] {Redacted} (Fizz): i can even oneshot ahri [22:36] {Redacted} (Fizz): cant* [24:10] {Redacted} (Fizz): nope [24:35] {Redacted} (Fizz): stats is not everything [24:42] {Redacted} (Fizz): you were perma pushed in [24:52] {Redacted} (Fizz): they were winning [25:13] {Redacted} (Fizz): lost fight [26:28] {Redacted} (Fizz): i might have caused the loss, but why did non of you cause a win? [27:29] {Redacted} (Fizz): leona redemtion ult [27:48] {Redacted} (Fizz): ff already [27:52] [All] {Redacted} (Fizz): gg ez
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