An idea of how to punish toxic people

Hey guys, I think we've all been stuck with toxic people on our team, or have a few in the enemy team, I just had an idea of how Riot might be able to make this better. My suggestion is the following: instead of the chat restriction, punish the player by putting him into a 1v9 game. What do I mean by 1v9? either 5v5 with 4 bots on his team, or literally 1v9. Lobby can be tricked by cloning another room for eg. Depending on the severity of his negative behaviour, he shall have N number of these games, and lose even more LP than he would normally. I guess this would put an end to these kind of behaviours. This would also reward the other team with free lp, that's true, but they won't be negative in the near future I think, after seeing that a toxic guy has to play 1v9. This solution is not only meant to those that "flame", but those that troll, afk and etc. as well. Share your thoughts guys.
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