I'm sorry for my crappy behaviour

Hey guiys, I'd like to talk about my perma ban, maybe if I post it here Riot will see it and consider unbanning me... I have been extremely toixc in chat to my teamates, and that was very unfair of me to do.. I should've kept my anger to myself when I did it, but sadly I messed up a lot and got permad for it, but I think I'm reformed, or at least close to it. I realize that I was kinda a garbage human being when I talked that smack to my teamates but I want to change, please revert my perma Riot, I just want another chance, and if I ever do flame again, then I can't be salty about it and have to accept it, but I really really beleive I'm become a better, calmer person than before, and thus wish to turn the page and enjoy this game fully once more, please Riot.. Yours truely, Jaroucobitheone
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