is possible to get.. ?

Nephistopheles (EUNE) - LeagueOfGraphs
Silver III - Wins: 43 (39.8%) (#10,621,495) / Irelia: Wins: 40.0% - Played: 15 / Nocturne: Wins: 57.1% - Played: 14 / Kai'Sa: Wins: 50.0% - Played: 14
Hey, couple of years ago someone my cousin lol acc named " Nephistopheles", tonight i get high and just look on - if it had profile, but yea someone ´s still playing on it! Is there a way to get this acc suspended? or even messaged? why did he stole my cousin acc and HOW tf-.. tbh cousin got new acc, but wanna be amazing if he get his acc back :D ! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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