Permanently Banned for flaming.

So, as many others I managed to get my account **PERMANENTLY CLOSED** by the League of Legends tribunal. I've had skins and other valuables worth of over 500e on my account. I will include 5 pictures which contain some of the skins I had. Around 80. Let me be perfectly clear on this matter, I am not looking to recover what I lost, all though that would be great. The point I'm trying to make is that the system itself is a total fraud. I do encourage banning those who take the TOS for granted, it's perfectly normal. **BUT** If you're going to **PERMANENTLY BAN** plays who are toxic, do it to those that ARE actually toxic. I can still access account and view the chat logs, I didn't curse at anyone, or even insulted them for that matter. The system responds to reports, the more reports the easyer you'll recieve punishment. Every single god given game between **BRONZE ~ GOLD** elo, you'll recieve reports one after another after another. What's even more, If you get verbally engage in petty squabbles, you obviously can't have a monologue. While the players who've reporteded you also insulted you. You get banned, and they get to play another game, insult more people, then report them in a group of 3 or more. Cause that's just how "Fair" LoL is. What's more, in the last match that I played a group of 4 people TOLD ME to mistery gift them, or they will report me. Which obviously they did. Riot doesn't care, the help agets don't care even though I clearly specified that in my ticket, simply nobody cares. And that takes me to my next point. The system itself is a major joke. I am not mad or affected by my loss, I am mad that those villans who asked for mistery gifts so they won't report me did that, had their way. I ended up permanently banned and they jumped to the next match. That's not right, fair **OR** in any possible way acceptable.
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