Leveling Bots a real issue.

So, lets start with the fact that i'm a returning player on a new account, that has had a lot of people (friends and such) trying the game. Plenty of them which wanted to level up playing against AI and learn the game / champions. So i decided, instead of just playing normals to level up my new account i will do the same. And here is the major issue: There are so, damn. Many. Leveling. Bots. Its insane! Almost every single match that i play alone or with someone else, the rest of the team is ALWAYS some extremely obvious leveling bot that runs into the enemy and die. I had cases where even in Normal games there were such obvious leveling bots. Is this allowed? I've seen so many of the same names that after days / weeks are still up there leveling their account. How can this be of any good to new players? Having 4 other level bots that go all together 0 / 30 and not do anything at all? Why is this issue not spoken about? Or does everyone look the other way just purely because leveling is a tedious thing?
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