Permanently suspended - would like to appeal

Hey guys, So in my most recent match, I was an ADC/ marksman champion (Kog'Maw). I went botlane as normal and my Alistar support was jungling until nearly 5 minutes in the game. I didn&#039;t flame, I just roamed to get farm because I honestly thought that was the best course of action. I genuinely wasn&#039;t trolling, I just didn&#039;t want to give Ashe (the enemy ADC) and Vel'Koz (her support) kills, so I took some jungle and roamed a bit while waiting for Alistar, so I could get some experience and gold and not die. I got 5 items of my build in the game and I helped the team all game. My team mates kept talking to me in that game, and unfortunately there was a lot of flaming directed at me, as well as saying "report Kog'Maw" in all chat, and calling me useless - among other insults that were directed at me. I answered them unfortunately - I tried to be civil about it; At no point did I make any insults, I did not flame, I did not go AFK, I did not 'troll'. They kept report calling me and I didn&#039;t even take the bait, I never did any report calling, even though I kept seeing "report this noob kog" in the chat and all chat. It's a similar story for the previous two games in the logs, I just tripped up a bit by replying to flamers when I should have just kept my mouth shut and concentrated on the game. However I didn't use any derogatory or insulting words. I certainly didn't troll, even if I had some bad games... I'm seeing people report calling every time I lose a lane - over many games - and seeing other players being flamed when they lose their lanes. This seems to have become a chronic issue. I for one don't take the bait, I don't insult, I don't flame, I don't report call. Which is why I'm sad about this ban and would like a second opinion from a Rioter. Can you really get a permanent ban just for talking to people? Please could a Rioter look into this? You'd have my eternal gratitude and all the cookies you can eat. Oven baked. {{champion:80}} I've posted the logs below. I'm feeling pretty depressed about this to be honest, I love this game. {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} Thanks for reading my post anyway guys. gl hf -Adam Game 1 Pántheon: so i cant farm Pántheon: what Pántheon: vel koz and ashe will attack me Pántheon: and Pántheon: I had every intention of playing normally Pántheon: until my supp is jungling until 3 minutes Pántheon: I'm not playing 1v2 ashe and vel koz Pántheon: what lol Pántheon: meh Pántheon: Go botlane > My supp wants to jungle until 4 minutes Pántheon: then he flames me for not farming Pántheon: yeah im sure vel'koz and ashe will let me farm Pántheon: if you take supp Pántheon: go botlane with adc Pántheon: dont take 3 camps with jungle Pántheon: while i lose farm and exp Pántheon: me too Pántheon: Scottish Pántheon: and I'm not toxic Pántheon: I just want a support that supports me Pántheon: I've done nothing wrong mate Pántheon: No rules in the summoner's code about roaming for farm when your supp isnt helping Pántheon: if afk jungling was against any rules 20% of the player base would have been banned Pántheon: Now stop flaming and play the game Pántheon: one bit of advice alistar btw Pántheon: if you want adc, don't put supp or fill in either role Pántheon: it gives supp most of the time mate Pántheon: i know that feel Pántheon: u left me 1v2 on velkoz and ashe until 4 minutes Pántheon: nah Pántheon: because Pántheon: i stayed away and lost all my farm and exp Pántheon: while ali did 3 jungle camps with u Pántheon: but i can't say a word or im toxic Pántheon: welcome to the league of legends community Pántheon: meh Pántheon: do you guys win a lot of games doing these things? Pántheon: leaving your supp alone botlane until 4min is a good strategy>? Pántheon: isnt supps job to do jungle for 4 minutes Pántheon: i was gold 2 years in a row but silver in season 6 lmao Pántheon: and tilted off the face of the planet when my alistar decides he's jungling until 4min Pántheon: you know what would happen if i farmed buddy? Pántheon: vel koz and ashe would kill me Pántheon: not you Pántheon: vel'koz and ashe Pántheon: lol Pántheon: i'll try Pántheon: when my support doesn't jungle until 4:30 Pántheon: that's the game where i'll try Pántheon: alistar says i should have farmed Pántheon: he thinks vel'koz and ashe can't kill me 2v1 Pántheon: then he flames me Pántheon: why Pántheon: yeah my supp jungles until 4:30 Pántheon: and im the troll Pántheon: this flamer :D Pántheon: at least vel'koz was with you in lane Pántheon: my ali thinks he's a jungler Pántheon: im not trolling tho Pántheon: i just been farming jungle for exp and gold Pántheon: just because I'm not playing the meta Pántheon: For what exactly? Pántheon: Haven't broken any rules Pántheon: Haven't flamed Pántheon: Haven't been afk Pántheon: only ali and hecarim flamed Pántheon: after they left me alone botlane until 4:30 Pántheon: they flame for 20 minutes Pántheon: no words Pántheon: shaco was tp Pántheon: top Pántheon: u guys keep saying im a troll Pántheon: when my supp jungled at 4:30 Pántheon: what exactly are my options>? Pántheon: try to farm and give ashe firstblood? Pántheon: shaco no flash Pántheon: I'm not though Pántheon: I wasn't though Pántheon: and I'll honor ashe since you're flaming her Pántheon: lol Pántheon: vel'koz didn't jungle until 4:30 Pántheon: be grateful for that Pántheon: lol Pántheon: i'll def 1v4 Pántheon: ok Pántheon: kog'maw must have some buff in new patch i didn't read about? Pántheon: he can 1v2 1v3 1v4 now? Pántheon: I climbed a lot in past week Pántheon: with kogmaw Pántheon: so dont take my support Pántheon: until 4:30 Pántheon: i cant 1v2 ashe velkoz Pántheon: sorry Pántheon: I really play my best Pántheon: unfortunate that my support was jungling until 4:30 Game 2 Pántheon: morgana is farming Pántheon: im just gonna roam Pántheon: cant lane with a farming adc Pántheon: sorry Pántheon: like i said mate Pántheon: i cant lane with an adc that's taking all the cs Pántheon: i tried Pántheon: i'll def top a bit since darius isnt here Pántheon: u kidding? Pántheon: im competing with morgana to farm Pántheon: and ur flaming me? Pántheon: gtfo Pántheon: nah Pántheon: u were hitting every minion Pántheon: there's a difference Pántheon: i wouldnt care if it was just the ones i couldnt get lol Pántheon: yeah but after my first death and i came back to lane Pántheon: u were hitting everyone Pántheon: im not making lies up buddy Pántheon: quit the whining anyway im just taking top because darius isnt here Pántheon: yeah lets just let irelia push to our nexus Pántheon: good idea Pántheon: rofl Pántheon: i guess everyone gave up Pántheon: like u guys just ignored me getting dived 3v1? Pántheon: lmfao Pántheon: hahaha Pántheon: dunno what all the flaming is about Pántheon: i dont nothing wrong this game Pántheon: done* Pántheon: gonna disable my chat now Pántheon: obviously Pántheon: irelia would've pushed to our nexus Pántheon: but yeah try being a little less toxic in future games guys ^.^ Pántheon: My chat's off now glhf Game 3 Pántheon: c Pántheon: can you please stop hitting minions Pántheon: please Pántheon: <3 Pántheon: what? Pántheon: when i go to farm brand uses all his abilities on me Pántheon: no point leaving tower range Pántheon: unless you're gonna help that is Pántheon: im done Pántheon: tried to play safe and twitch has 2 kills and brand has a kill Pántheon: and morg just stood there the whole lane Pántheon: no shields Pántheon: no snares Pántheon: no w Pántheon: why i always get a troll supp? Pánterytime i try to hit a minion? Pántheon: w/e man Pántheon: if i take suppheon: srsly? Pántheon: why cant i get this brand? Pántheon: attacking me ev Pántheon: i help my adc Pántheon: is it bad to expect the ssame? Pántheon: I was Pántheon: I'm not Pántheon: k im gonna turn my chat off now Pántheon: sorry i had a passive supp that didnt use ability and twitch had a tryhard brand Pántheon: I actually tried my best Pántheon: like i do every ranked game Pántheon: wish my support did too Pántheon: see? Pántheon: that's what happens Pántheon: when i go botlande Pántheon: against the fed twitch Pántheon: with a morgana who wont help me Pántheon: One game without a troll supp Pántheon: please riot games Pántheon: please please please Pántheon: no Pántheon: U didnt see botlane? Pántheon: every time i went to farm Pántheon: brand was nuking me to 30% health Pántheon: why didnt you even use an ability? Pántheon: u think? Pántheon: twitch and brand all in me when i try to get a cs Pántheon: what? Pántheon: please what? Pántheon: go bot to give twitch 5 kills? Pántheon: you think that's wise? Pántheon: Yeah Pántheon: I'm sure brand and twitch will just go chill in their fountain Pántheon: and let me farm Pántheon: good idea Pántheon: k i dont want to give twitch more kills Pántheon: im honestly not trolling Pántheon: but i dont see what i can do at this point

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