Urf , the mode where stupidity is going to a whole new level

Apart from all the racism i get on this mode from my name and my country every damn time i try to play this shit mode, now the problem has gotten bigger,i have people running down doing bs trolling,flaming and ruinning the fun of mine and my premade buddies,honestly its like stupid people overflowed in urf,in every game i have a guy whos gonna do everything to show off and type down izi again and again,in every damn game i have the guy whos gonna lane with 2 others in the same lane ,letting us tryna fight solo against 2 . I dont know why these people are allowed to play this game with such serious brain damages but they gotta start banning ,yes ,bans in urf ,its unplayable right now,if i go on solo without my premade team its just unplayable.
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