This is why many players get punished "for no reason"

So, just had a game on my new small account (plat elo) and game goes well for our team, mainly for bot lane because we win hard. Seems enemy Urgot was a bit salty and expressed negativity of wanting to give up early and his top Nasus and mid Orianna flamed him quite hard. This is a very common situation for league today, and many players behave like this Urgot, Nasus and Orianna and that is a big problem! First of all, nobody likes people that give up and flame after someone died once or twice, and such behavior is really not fine. But also getting in a chat fight and flaming such people is not fine! This Nasus and Orianna are classic example of a delusional toxic player. Basicly it's like this: you have a toxic player or a troller in your team, and you decide to write 20-50 or even more negative/toxic msges to him and to rest of the players in game and in the end you expect him to get punished and you act like you did the right thing and later wonder why you got punished and think the system is unfair This kind of toxic delusional behavior is the reason why many players get punished "for no reason". Learn from this example and don't be like that!
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