Official response welcome. People are not afraid of the tribunal any more. Flame rising.

For the past 30 games, there was... * Report calling * Insulting * Belitteling * "gg ez" * Intentional trolling, sometimes even admitting to it in chat * AFKing, including ragequittig and admitting to it in chat every. single. game. The most common miscreants are the 2 and 3 man premades (what a surprise) who you force us to play with (thanks for that btw.), but its also the solo players. You know Riot, the thing is: **I feel like an idiot. I feel like an idiot, because I still play by the rules.** Because obviously, disregarding the rules, and doing whatever you want, carries so little risk of punishment, that people no longer care. I would really like to hear an official answer to that. If report calling, threats, and yes, even racism and homophobia are almost never punished...then whats my motivation to join a game again? If you want me to be the emotional outlet for a bunch of morons whos reallife is so damaged they have to use flame as an outlet, then sorry, but that's not going to happen. I rather spend my time (and my money) elsewhere. Current state of what we have to deal with is a joke, a bad one.
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