Perma bans

So in the last few months, I 've been playing a lot of league from many different accounts but this one is the one I started playing this game back in s2. I make this post due to the fact that I have tried everything from the time this account got permabanned in order to unban it and ended up with nothing. I played through accounts of my friends and even made a new one( where I also actually understood that I m not alone since all of the new accounts in the low-level normal games were from people who already knew the game and I could even see this in their gameplay) but still never felt like playing from my first account which I have also spent close to 900 euros on skins... Anyway, I really don't know what else is there to do since all the tickets I 've sent just meant trash to them and I always got the same response "sorry the account can't get un-permabanned". I just would like to know your comments and whether this has also happened to anyone else. I will also make a poll on whether you guys believe riot should maybe change their whole banning system or at least stop giving permabans so easily. Lastly, its needles to apologize for my words(since I got banned for verbal abuse and flame) since I guess everyone has had bad days and bad games, but I do believe when u lose something for so long u value it more and therefore sometimes we deserve a second chance...
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