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Hi, I am writing this post from a smurf. I am never coming back to League of Legends ever again. This game has been going downhill EVERY.SINGLE.PATCH. Akali's rework, Aatrox's rework, Irelia's rework, adc changes etc.... However, what made me quit the game was a specific game. Let's start from the beginning. I go to a solo queue match and, as soon as the enemy pick his champion, which was Talon, the guy said that he couldn't win this lane and most likely the game was over. After the Loading Screen, as soon as we spawned, he said he was drunk and didn't expect to win his lane. Little time goes by and Yi ganks his lane, that drunk guy died and said the game was over. He started feeding and trolling, however, I muted everyone when he started feeding. After some time of being literally TRAPPED in the match (because of that stupid system Riot made so you can only FF 15 to 20) I was completely pissed off and furious and I unmuted everyone and started flaming him. I flamed him really hard, not gonna lie, because the other 3 members of my team and I were stuck in that game, and only he reported me, and my other teammates reported him. However I WAS THE ONE PUNISHED! I know what I said was completely out of the limits. BUT IT MAKES NO SENSE! Why the %%%% am I obligated to see someone purposedly throw the game and literally make us 3 look like complete idiots but because I said what everyone wanted to tell him but because of this stupid punishment system can't because they are afraid I get banned? This guy can literally queue up in a ranked game, troll, %%%% with everyone and if he gets flamed that person is punished. Now I won't receive my %%%%ing rewards, only because a guy trolled and I answered. This is literally just showing a baby a candy and shoving it on his face and if he touches it you %%%%ing hit him. What the actual %%%%? Edit: I am not permanently banned, the ban I received was a chat restricting one, however, I am mad that I am not getting my rewards because of this guy.
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