14 Days Ban with no Warning

They banned me for 14 days due to a chat with had with someone. First of all lets clear our that it was an aram game and it was first time I engaged in a "fight". I have never insulted not even a bit in other games. This time i honestly just argued with the enemy just for fun since they started it. Why is this unfair? So I got the chat logs why I got banned and it shows only my messages. It doesn't show that my messages are replies to what they said. this is the chat script, seriously I got 14 days ban for this? What about the other guys who didnt stop saying that they fack my mom etc... > Game 1 > Tryndophobia: trade ekana > Tryndophobia: ti harass einai auto gamws tis manes sas > Tryndophobia: des ti harass exoun > Tryndophobia: ta bastarda > Tryndophobia: 8a ta gamhsw > Tryndophobia: i pay it to your mom every night > Tryndophobia: RE MALAKA > Tryndophobia: E%%%A TO KWLO MINION > Tryndophobia: KAI DN TO EIXA PALI > Tryndophobia: TO Q > Tryndophobia: mas douleuei to kwlo game > Tryndophobia: HAHAHAHAHA > Tryndophobia: i probably have the most money here little %%%%% > Tryndophobia: %%%%% i am trading with x50 leverage on a daily basis > Tryndophobia: poor %%%s > Tryndophobia: buy skins with dads money > Tryndophobia: maybe i dont play irelia? > Tryndophobia: stupid %%% > Tryndophobia: im just messing > Tryndophobia: xd > Tryndophobia: stress killing > Tryndophobia: then i guess you must be a virgin > Tryndophobia: you stupid %%%% i am daytrading stocks and crypto with 50x leverage on a daily basis > Tryndophobia: wtf you do > Tryndophobia: claim that u have a big %%%% on internet when we both know that ur a virgin? > Tryndophobia: boring > Tryndophobia: i am playing game and my ROI is raising by 0.5% every 10 mins > Tryndophobia: and u have no idea what that means > Tryndophobia: keep watching tv > Tryndophobia: while i am 22 years old with 200k in my bank > Tryndophobia: and 500k more in crypto > Tryndophobia: nah im kidding > Tryndophobia: its not so much > Tryndophobia: xd > Tryndophobia: but its good > Tryndophobia: you make me blush, if u think that what i say is impossible ;) > Tryndophobia: you wish i was lying > Tryndophobia: vayne dead and they lose
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