Being positive is worth it

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Hi there. So i recently hit Diamond 5. It was a big milestone for me, and i had grinded a lot of games in Plat 2 and Plat 1 to get there. This season i have focused A LOT on being super positive towards my teammates, and never giving up. But after being stuck in high plat for what felt like forever, i started to get a bit passive aggresive in my games, and it actually impacted my games very negatively. So when i got to Diamond, i decided to change that, and go back to being a giant smile on the rift! Now, 8 games later, i am in promos to Diamond 4... O,o With only 1 loss In at least 3 of the games i won (Including the latest where top lane Xin went 0/4 in lane) i had a lane who were loosing, and people who were tilting, but because i stayed positive, i turned their mentality around, and they started to get back in the game. Now, this is too big of a change to be "luck". This was played over the course of 4 days, on different times of the day, with no duo. I believe that the main reason this has happened, isis because i stayed positive in these games! Just wanted to let you all know, how much it means to have a clean, loving mindset, with no aggression towards teammates :) Take care.
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