Even one action like this should result at least in 1 week ban from rankeds

Just few minutes ago. I'm joining ranked game in good mood. First ranked match today. I join the lobby. People pre pick, ban and so on. Our Top prepicks yasuo. Enemy picks Zed and the guy who is mid right above him just picks Yasuo saying "sry dude". He later said he plays against Zed so he wanted yasuo and he mains it, but that's not important. Dude who prepicked yasuo declared he trolls and took soraka top with cleanse and ghost. Supp in our team picked maokai and asked if he wants to switch so we will have a legit teamcomp. I give you screenshots from champ select with censored names. If you ask why did I pick Kennen adc here is the answer: I wanted to dodge this game so I picked anything in hope I won't have to lose LP. Now last minute message in the middle of this post it appeared that beside I dodged at the very last second, game started. I was afk for first few minutes. What happened? I came back, went full ap. Guy who "stolen" yasuo was very good, we had good aoe combo and guess what? We won that game 46 to 23. I had to write "I agree" cause I got afk message. Though this game should be dodged (client error). Anyway. Even though I won that game. It is one or two games per year that Im able to win that hard "trolled" game. Behaviour like this Soraka has shown is unaccaptable. Here are the screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/3uMAj
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