its not a rule for supports to buy sightstone

now this is a very controversial topic and i am sure i will get a lot of hate for writing this i mostly play support and i dont like buying sightstone some of my games are fine we win easily and there is no problem in that some other games we lose because we are weaker and no problem in that either BUT in some games there will be people who start complaining about: "oh you dont have sightstone you have only 2 wards while the guy with sightstone has 5" (even though you can only put 3 wards in the map without having one disappear) this is very annoying and it really seems to happen very often no matter what you do in the game if you are support with no sightstone your teammate(s) are gonna flame you hard for it and then start throwing blaming the loss on the "lack of vision" for what i remember i am not forced by any game rule to buy a specific item just to fulfill my teammate's wet dreams and the worst part about it is that even some seemingly friendly people will also start blaming you for the game just because you didn't buy sightstone you probably can guess the outcome of these games even if you are at a slight advantage over your enemies YOU LOSE my point in making this post is this: FOR PLAYERS: if you want your teammate to build sightstone or any other itme ask him nicely. If he refuses just accept the fact he doesn't want to buy this item and go play support and buy 6 sighstones in the next game if you feel like they are so important (guess who will be reported for trolling) FOR ANYONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COMMUNITY IN RIOT'S OFFICE: please find a way to raise awareness of this issue and point out that no one is forced to buy a specific item if he doesn't want to unless i am wrong here (in which case i will just uninstall the game) this issue really needs to be solved

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