Role distribution among players - picking Fill = support???

So I'm a type of player who doesn't particularly fancy a specific role: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, or Support - I couldn't care less. This is why when I queue for games I often pick Fill ether as secondary or even as primary role. I think you can already see where I'm going - pretty much every single time that I queue as Fill, I get insta-called as Support. It's not bad the first time, or the second, or the third, fourth, fifth... but at some point it gets a **LITTLE **bit frustrating. People tell me "if you queue as Fill, you get support - it's normal". No, it's not. If I queue as anything but support/fill, I have to wait some 8-10 minutes for a game (not exaggerating, that's really how much I wait). That's pretty much 1/3 of a game. That's not normal. If I queue as primary or secondary role Fill and I always get insta-called as support, it means there's a great imbalance in player distribution among roles. People do not want to play support to a point where they prefer to wait 10 minutes for a game instead of taking the chance to support. Why? Do they think that support has the least impact on the game? More often than not it is THE MOST impactful role in a team. More often than not Top usually just farms and sits on their lane until half the game has passed. More often than not the ADC is on-par damage-wise with tanks and junglers for being bad at positioning or the enemy team being pick-based. Do they only watch their kills-to-deaths? Don't they know that KDA stands for "Kills-to-Deaths-to-Assists ratio", not kills-to-deaths ratio? It is actually the support that usually has the highest KDA from the team because they also have the highest participation while often being a low-priority target. So why? Why do people actively go out of their way only to avoid playing support? More importantly and the point of my starting this thread, why do I, as a multi-specialized player, get forced to play support every time I pick Fill? And probably the worst thing is when I turn out to be a lot better than the rest of my team, which leaves me alone and wondering why did they even pick those instead of the noob-friendly support role? Can Riot do something so that we do not get Support every single time we queue as Fill? Can't the system detect what roles we got the last games and try to diversify things a bit? I don't mind playing any of the five roles, but getting queued as support or facing 10 minute timers EVERY SINGLE time is kind of ridiculous. If you're going to answer with "fill means least played role, so you get support", then please don't bother because you've missed the whole point of the discussion. Thanks!
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