The new instant pusnish thing could be great but...

I actually think that just looking at what the reported player wrote ingame is not the best approach to decide wether or not someone should be banned... I hontestly don't think that I'm a toxic player but there were games where I just lost it after like 30 minutes of 4 ppl spamming pings at me like crazy (I muted them after a few minutes because they were harrassing me) and straight up trolling me. I was the tank and when we were fighting they just left me to day and wrote something like "report this noob" (can't tell for sure but the enemy told me they wanted me reported). Of course it's not ok to flame just cause you get flamed but ranked games can be pretty stressfull and I can understand that someone loses his temper when he gets flamed at for (as he thinks) no reason.
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